The student residence Margaretha-Rothe-Haus is located in a central location, approx. 3 minutes walk to the Borgweg subway, approx. 10 minutes by subway to the University of Hamburg. Hamburg City Park is also in the immediate vicinity. The Margaretha-Rothe-Haus residential complex consists of two houses. At the request of the students, the student housing complex was given a new name and has been called since December 1st, 2016 Margaretha-Rothe-Haus. (Previously Paul-Sudeck-Haus).

Margaretha Rothe was born on June 13, 1919 in Hamburg. She was a member of a student group (White Rose Hamburg) in the resistance against the National Socialist regime. On February 10, 1945, she was taken to Leipzig-Meusdorf prison in a cattle truck with 300 other prisoners. Margaretha Rothe died there on April 15, 1945, as a result of pulmonary tuberculosis and rib inflammation. In memory of Margaretha Rothe, our student residence bears her name. Their attitude and actions stand for tolerance, an open society and civic engagement and reflect the values of student coexistence in the student union’s halls of residence in a special way.

You can find all general information under the headings The House, Self-Administration, Offers , and Welcome Tutors.

All contact details, names, documents and current events can be found in the internal area. You can only access this if you are connected to the house network.